Our Story

Papa Saverio Frank Rosati was born in Naples, Italy in 1897 and came to America in 1905. Our fondest memories as children centered around Sundays at Papa Saverio’s house. Sunday was always Papa’s day to cook a traditional Italian meal for the whole family. As we walked through the front door, we would be hit with an intoxicating blend of aromas coming from the kitchen, and as we peeked in, there was Papa chopping the fresh tomatoes, onions and garlic. When he caught sight of us, he always welcomed us in that big booming voice of his the same way –     “Who’s Your Papa?”.

For two generations, we cooked with Papa and learned every recipe and cooking secret he had up his sleeve. As we grew older and started our own families, we had more and more requests from friends and neighbors for Papa’s traditional Italian style cooking. Finally in 1997, we opened our first Papa Saverio’s in Lake in the Hills, IL. It was so well received that we went on to open more stores. Today, we have grown to fifteen stores in the Chicagoland area which are all independently owned and operated franchises. Of course, we maintain full quality control and a strong support system for each of the Papa Saverio’s family stores. We are also planning to expand even further in order to bring our Papa’s unique style of cooking to cities all across the United States. Contact us and we will walk you through the steps to buying a Papa Saverio's brand franchise. We'll help you research our franchise program, assist with on-site selection, and more.